September 29 2016 12 noon

    Ms. Deryn Lavell, Head of School, The Bishop Strachan School

    Women & Education in Canada: How far we've come. How far we have to go.


    October 06 2016 12 noon

    Mr. Patrick Brown, MPP

      Leader of the Official Opposition, Ontario Leader of the PC Party of Ontario MPP, Simcoe North Patrick Brown ...

"History obliges us to retain a strong measure of skepticism about the Soviet system"  - Ronald Reagan

"A common school and a common language will produce that homogeneous citizenship"  - Goggin, D.J, 2/3/1905

"A Club of this kind, therefore, has a mission to fulfill as an educative force"  - HC Osborne 21/04/1904

"The debt is a problem today because governments yesterday did not look ahead."  - The Hon. Jean Charest, June 1993

"You do not solve problems by ignoring them"  - Margaret, Thatcher 1975

The Empire Club Of Canada

Established in 1903,  is recognized as one of Canada’s oldest and largest speakers’ forums with a membership comprised of some of Canada’s most influential leaders from the professions, business, labour, education and government.


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