April 26 2017 6pm-8pm

    Surviving Canada’s Housing Market: Strategies for Home Ownership

      Evening Event: Surviving Canada’s Housing Market in the age of 30% Growth A panel featuring: Alex Ave...


    April 27 2017 12 PM

    Michael Chong, Leadership Candidate – Conservative Party of Canada

    My Vision for the Conservative Party


    May 05 2017 12 pm

    The Future of Canada’s Cultural Institutions

      Panel Featuring: Josh Basseches, Director & CEO, Royal Ontario Museum and Stephan Jost, Director &am...


    May 29 2017 12 PM

    The Honourable Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

    Ontario’s Vision for Transforming Health Care

"History obliges us to retain a strong measure of skepticism about the Soviet system"  - Ronald Reagan

"A common school and a common language will produce that homogeneous citizenship"  - Goggin, D.J, 2/3/1905

"A Club of this kind, therefore, has a mission to fulfill as an educative force"  - HC Osborne 21/04/1904

"The debt is a problem today because governments yesterday did not look ahead."  - The Hon. Jean Charest, June 1993

"You do not solve problems by ignoring them"  - Margaret, Thatcher 1975

The Empire Club Of Canada

Established in 1903,  is recognized as one of Canada’s oldest and largest speakers’ forums with a membership comprised of some of Canada’s most influential leaders from the professions, business, labour, education and government.


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