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The Past and Present highlights historic Empire Club of Canada speeches in the context of current events. Each week, Gordon K. McIvor reaches into the Empire Club’s archives, bringing to life past speeches in light of today’s most important issues.

The Span of a Canadian Generation

How do we want to be Remembered? This is my last regularly-scheduled column on the history of the Empire Club of Canada and how it pertains to life today. It has been an immense pleasure and honour to write these for you over the past three years (my first column appeared on June 30th, 2013). […]

After Breakfast at Tiffany’s , it has to be Lunch at the Empire Club!

My first event at the Empire Club of Canada and why it changed my life When Empire Club Past President Tony van Straubenzee launches his new book of reminiscences later this week, you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that it will contain some references to the year 1989, a very special time in […]

Saskatchewan has always been a surprise for those who get to know it

Saskatchewan, land of the “Swift Flowing River” and the “Swiftly Growing Economy” Saskatchewan, the Province named after the Saskatchewan River which comes from the Cree language and means “swift flowing river”, has always been a province that produces surprises for the rest of the nation…. just look at the recent passing of “Mr. Hockey”, Gordie […]

Nothing Tragic about Canada’s Hip Music Industry

Canadians Punch Above their Weight in the Music Industry Oprah Winfrey used to tell the story of how she reacted the first time she saw African American singers on mainstream American television. It was 1964, and as a young girl she was watching the fabled Ed Sullivan Show when the very glamorous Supremes came out […]

Why the Supreme Court is the epicentre of what we love about Canada

Beverley and the Supremes…A more Centrist and Unified Approach to Justice in Canada It is not out of the ordinary that Canada’s oldest speaking club of record should get the leaders of our great national institutions, so many people were surprised when Chief Justice Boris Laskin came to the Empire Club on March 12th, 1981, […]

Why High-Tech and Digital Disruption are at the centre of our lives

High-Tech keeps taking us higher One of the elders in my family, a group I will very soon be a member of, used to like to say that the problem with the world today is that people are educated far beyond their intelligence level, a comment that would always bring a bemused grin from any […]

Back to the Beginning…the First Speech at the Empire Club of Canada

The Empire Club of Canada keeps and honours its name for historical reasons “The Empire Club of Canada was established in 1903 as a result of a political discussion which created considerable unrest in Canada. Growing dissent against the British was influencing Toronto’s political and social landscape. In an attempt to refrain from a hasty, […]

That was then and this is now…Why is the Empire Club celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday next year, and why it matters to you

Canada in 1967 and in 2017…Are there any Similarities? Many of us will not be around when Canada celebrates its 200th birthday in 2067, and none of us were present when the nation turned 50 in 1917, so most of us will have lived through two of the country’s anniversaries by the end of their […]

One of Toronto’s most iconic landmarks will soon be gone

The Spirit of Ed Mirvish will live on forever in our City Anyone driving down Bloor Street over the past sixty-eight years always had to remind themselves, as they approached the corner of Bathurst, that they were not in Las Vegas but rather approaching the palace of Canada’s most famous discount retailer of all times, […]

From Mackenzie King to Navdeep Bains…the consistency of partnership as the backbone of Canadian Growth

The Government’s Primary Interface with Business comes to the Empire Club Renaming Industry Canada, traditionally one of the most powerful ministries of our Federal administration, was almost without any controversy when the new Trudeau government was set up last Fall. After all, most Canadians recognized that this Department had to reflect the new economy with […]