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The Past and Present highlights historic Empire Club of Canada speeches in the context of current events. Each week, Gordon K. McIvor reaches into the Empire Club’s archives, bringing to life past speeches in light of today’s most important issues.

Dying with Dignity in Canada…An Emotional Social Issue comes to the Fore

Last week was a strange time in Canada, as the unpleasant question of suicide was on most people’s minds. First, there was the horrible news out of a remote Inuit community that their young people were attempting to take their own lives in staggering numbers, leading many of our citizens to wonder just how awful […]

The Head of Canada’s largest transit agency to address the Empire Club this week

TTC: Making it stand for “Total Transit Control”, not “Terrible Transit Chaos” The Toronto subway, which for many is the jewel in the crown of North America’s third largest transit agency, began operations the year I was born in 1954 and changed forever not only how residents of our City got from point “A” to […]

More than a wing and a prayer…building Canada’s iconic national airline

Come Fly with Me There are few companies in Canada that are truly iconic and have played a fundamental role in shaping our country’s history, culture, recreational pastimes and even basic life choices. There are even fewer that are as well known around the world as they are here, at home. But when the federal […]

What this week’s celebrations in Ireland tell us about our own history

One hundred year’s ago in Ireland and what it means to us today In today’s world, we are more likely to hear about a “Muslim Brotherhood” than an Irish one, but that was not the case one hundred years ago this week when seven members of the Military Council of the Irish Republican Brotherhood launched […]

Canadian Whiskey: A Part of our History at every Turn

Canadian Spirits an integral part of the Canadian Spirit Many Canadians can recount at least one story relating to the legendary drinking bouts of our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, who had a voracious and unwavering devotion to alcoholic beverages of all kinds. Far fewer are aware of the importance of whiskey in […]

The Trudeaus in Washington…From Father to Son

Did Justin Trudeau carry the spirit of his Father to Washington last week? It is being hyped as “Trubama”, the bromance of the decade which actually led to some substantive policy movement in Washington this past week, including in the areas of Arctic development, the reduction of methane gas emissions and a loosening of the […]

“Mr. Trump, tear down this wall!”

The Week that the Grand Old Party got Trumped It was a sight you really had to see to believe, and then you pinched yourself just to be sure that it wasn’t some political hallucination that had temporarily robbed you of consciousness. There stood the four Republican candidates on stage in Detroit, as hundreds of […]

The Closing of a Chapter in Alberta’s History: Donald Getty Dies at 82

Why Rachael Notley feels a special bond with a former Conservative Premier Don Getty, Alberta’s 11th Premier, passed away this past week. Like his predecessor and good friend Peter Lougheed, he came into the public eye as a star football player for the Edmonton Esquimos and led that team to a Grey Cup championship. Following […]

What Bombardier taught us twenty years ago

Bombardier: The complicated history of an iconic Canadian company Bombardier was without any doubt the biggest business story in the country this past week, and will continue to dominate the headlines until a decision is reached by the Canadian government on whether to once again provide financial assistance to a company that has gone from […]

Ontario’s Minister of Finance to address Job Creation this week

Job Creation Theme a Perennial Favorite for Finance Ministers There are thousands of incredible speeches in the archives of the Empire Club of Canada, and when one has the chance to sift through them from time to time it becomes clear that certain thematic favorites reoccur on a regular basis. This is particularly true around […]