Audrey Hepburn

Some remarks about the feelings of helplessness and desperation when viewing the world’s misery on television. An alleviation of that feeling through participation in UNICEF and/or similar organizations. Effects of the burden of debt on the poor to become even poorer. What agencies like UNICEF can do. The speaker’s role to inform, and to create awareness of the needs of children. Many anecdotes and illustrative examples of the need for the advocacy for children; what UNICEF has done for them; what can be done through donations to UNICEF. A growing consensus that the burden of debt must be lifted to a degree where the developing countries can cope with debt repayment, to the point where their economies can grow out of their overwhelming indebtedness and set them on the road to recovery and real development. The widening concern for children. Children as our most vital resource. UNICEF’s mandate humanitarian, not charitable. What we can and cannot do.