Brian Mulroney

February 12 1991

A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto.
The future of Canada. Working together on our prosperity and our unity. The need for change. Getting it right. The chance and challenge to create a modern, efficient and dynamic Canada for a new century. Reflecting the diversity of the regions and upholding the integrity of the whole. The ways and means for Canadians to express their views. This address a chance for the speaker to “explain a few realities and state my own principles and bottom lines.” The intention to restructure Canada, and no intention of dismantling it. Some history and background to some main issues facing Canada, including the possible separation of Quebec. Looking at what we have before we give it up. The benefits of unity. Some basic principles that must be respected in any new arrangement, with a brief discussion of each. The need to see ourselves as others see us. Canada’s values. Canada as worthy of the effort. Proposals for a new and greater Canada.