George Perlin

February 15 2012
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George Perlin is a Professor Emeritus and Director of the Centre on Democracy and Diversity at Queen’s University whose research focuses on international policy for assistance to democratic development. Perlin is among a group of international researchers who question the effectiveness of democracy assistance programs. They point out that despite annual spending which now exceeds $8-billion (US) many states receiving assistance have failed to consolidate reform or reverted to authoritarianism. Alongside other prominent policy analysts, Perlin’s work questions the fundamental principles on which democracy assistance programs have been designed and failures in their implementation.

Perlin’s views of policy have been influenced by his experience as a practitioner in the delivery of democracy assistance; as director of a CIDA-funded project he has helped Ukrainian educators establish a comprehensive program in the study of democracy in that country’s universities, technical colleges, and high schools. In 2008 in recognition for his contribution to democratic reform in Ukraine he was elected as an international member of Ukraine’s National Academy of Pedagogical Science.

Perlin is passionate about Canada’s role in facilitating international democratic reform. He argues that Canada is strategically positioned to assume international leadership in bringing about the changes needed to improve the effectiveness of democracy assistance policies.

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