Grey Owl

November 12 1936

Anecdotes and reminiscences of the speaker’s experiences of travel and survival in the wilderness, and of hunger. The destruction of that great heritage of ours that lies to the north. The north country as the greatest asset that Canadians have. Potential for tourism in the north. Three-quarters of Canada in the hands of the Indians; the richest part of Canada. The speaker’s gaining of experience in public speaking before he lectures in Canada. How civilization has made the Indian an outcast in his own country. The cost to taxpayers of keeping the Indians in idleness, watching them disintegrate and slowly fade away. A place for the speaker’s people in the economic scheme of life in Canada. The speaker’s suggestion to “put the Indian where he can do the most work and the most good for the country … you give us education, give us recognition, and we will look after your north country for you.” Some words about the beaver. How the speaker used the beaver to gain the interest of the public in wild life. An anecdote about the beaver. The speaker’s work to arouse in Canadian people a sense of responsibility for the north country and its inhabitants, human and animal.