Toronto Post-Election Political Panel – Deep Dive with Key Campaign Strategists

November 12 2018 , 12:00 pm to 1:30pm
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The Empire Club of Canada is pleased to host a panel discussion on the outcome of the recent Toronto election.

Please join us for a Signature Evening Panel Discussion that will provide attendees with the insider perspective from two of the major Toronto mayoral campaigns and what it means for our city moving forward. In addition a deep dive analysis will be provided on the campaign and a detailed look at the research and polling as to what Torontonians said and the issues that mattered to them.

Featuring Polling Analysis from: Nick Kouvalis, Principal, Campaign Research Inc.

Panel Discussion:

Panelist: Vic Gupta, Co-Chair, John Tory Campaign

Panelist: Lindsay Maskell, Deputy Campaign Manager, Jennifer Keesmaat Campaign

Moderator: Karman Wong, Anchor/Reporter, CP24