Vladimir Putin

December 19 2000

The stable and solid basis for co-operation that exists between Russia and Canada. The speaker’s talks with Prime Minister Jean Chretien. An overview of what is occurring in the political and economic fields in the Russian Federation. Russia’s serious advancement in the “gathering” of their Federation. This gathering of the Federation as sthe purpose of the initiastive for establishing seven federal districts. The obstacle in the raod to the development of Russian statehood and national business. The activity of the country’s Parliament. Some figures to illustrate the much more attractive economy than was the case several years ago. Some remarks about Russian-Canadian co-operation. The Arctic Bridge project. The buildup of mutual trade. Concern with regard to the restrictive measures being taken by Canada against Russian steel. Opportunities for expansion opening up in the mining industry. Tapping resources in the high-technology field. Successful joint works in space development. Achievements made through directd contacts between Russia’s regions and Canada’s provinces. The Agreement on the Principles and Guidelines for Co-operation between the subjects of the Russian Federation and Canada’s territories. The opportunity in the field of investments. Upholding the basic principles of russian policy. Expanding the regulatory base governing the investment climate. Opening up the Russian economy and the effects of doing so. The problem of international security. A suggestion regarding various Treaties, and a call for broad co-operation in the field of so-called theatre missile defences. Some concluding remarks about co-operation.